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You can find directions to the Red River Gorge at
At the present time, we do not have a county map. However, we are working with the Bluegrass Area District Development to provide one in the near future.

You may pick up those reports at the agency that was involved with the investigation of the collision or incident.

Go inside and tune to your local radio station WSKV 104.9 FM or 1270 AM or your local TV Stations, 27, 36, 18, or 56. You can also turn on your NOAA weather alert radio and instructions will be given.

Addresses are issued through the Mapping and Road Location Center, typically within 24 hours of your request. By calling or stopping by the Mapping and Location Center and providing a detailed description of the structure and its location, we can serve you in a more timely manner. (606) 663-5968

Roads are approved or denied through the Powell County Fiscal Court. Once a road has been approved, the Mapping and Location Center will take suggestions from the developer or residents of that road and issue an official street name.

Generally, no. The state and federal regulations discourage using family names or names similar to existing streets established in the county. Exceptions can be made in historical cases, but are discouraged.

Due to state and federal regulations, the Mapping and Location Center is prohibited from issuing addresses until a visible footer or other immovable structure has been established. Addresses cannot be provided for fields, hillsides, or other undeveloped property. Once a structure has been established on that property, an official address can be issued.

The flood plane is based on the 100-year flood projection. This indicates that the property in which you are located may have never flooded, but based on the estimates from federal surveys could be damaged in a catastrophic flood. If you feel that the elevation of your property warrants exclusion from the flood plane, the Mapping and Location Center can work with you to take steps for its removal.

You must conduct a survey of the property, shooting the elevation and proving that the property warrants exclusion. This survey is not performed by the county and must be done at your own expense. After the survey is completed, bring the pertinent information to the Mapping and Location Center office and they will work with the federal government to have your property excluded.

YES! Even seemingly insignificant alterations to streams, creeks, and rivers can cause profound changes in the flow of water. These changes can cause flooding and property damage not only to your neighbors, but to your property as well.​